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May 28 is The Big iPad Day – For Just 9 Countries

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Do you want an iPad so badly? Have you been wishing that it will be available in your country anytime soon? Well, if you live in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, then Congratulations! Your wish has just been granted. Apple has just released a press release noting that the iPad will be available in the said nine countries by May 28 (roughly three weeks from now!). However, before you start celebrating, make sure that you pre-order Jobs’ baby on May 10. Remember that the iPad is one of the hottest gadgets these days and it’s not really surprising if Apple will ran out of supply just a day after they release the iPad in your local tech stores.

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Dump iPad! Explore Options: Notion Ink’s Adam

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There’s a lot of buzz on the iPad and with all the ads and the marketing hype, you and your kids may all be craving for it. However, as mommies, we have to engage in ‘wise buying’ so Mommy’s InfoDose is offering you tips on some alternatives to Job’s baby. First of which is Notion Ink’s ADAM developed in India. It’s yet to be released since its developers have some testing to do with the gadget’s Flash compatibility but they assume it will be available by July this year. Continue reading