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Shopping and Products: Air Fresheners with Candy or Fruity Scents

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In general, candy and fruit scents are not made for men. They prefer more woodsy scents and sometimes, they go for scents that are fresh – like showers, soaps, shaving cream and the likes. In contrast, a light and spicy fruity smell aims to capture the attention of women – the young and the young-at-heart.

Effect of Candy and Fruity Scents

Candy and fruit smells in air fresheners, perfumes and toiletries are meant to channel innocence. They trigger childhood memories when most of us had no cares and when we could count on the salivating smells from our grandmothers’ or mothers’ kitchens to shield us from the complexities of the world.

For most of us, the smell of chocolate chips or anything vanilla has meant we can flashback to the safety of our childhood homes where nothing could harm us. So, the overall effect of anything with a sweet smell is to remind us of family, our neighborhoods, and irreplaceable good times. Continue reading

Have Kids? Love Self Portraits? Get Samsung 2View Cameras!

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Some of my mommy friends ask me, “How do you manage to capture your kids’ smiles?” The secret – I have a Samsung ST550. It’s among the first two models of the Samsung 2View Cameras. Now, they’ve come up with fancier models – the Samsung ST700, PL170, and PL120. All of which are equipped with one of the latest innovations in point-and-shoot cameras – dual LCD screens – one on front and the other on the back side! Continue reading

Have you ever tried using the iPad clone – APAD/iRobot?

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Since the iPad is a bit pricey (it’s sold within the Php 24,000 – Php 30,000 range for the 16GB Wifi version), many Filipinos are turning their attention to the China-made iPad clone which is known as the aPad. This one is way cheaper. If you browse online classified ads, you can find wholesalers that can sell you three units for as low as Php 4,000 for a unit. That’s way cheaper than the price of the real iPad (just to emphasize).

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