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Automobiles : Repair Your Own Car

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Most people are afraid to do repairs to their car because they have never done them before. There is nothing wrong with being unaware of how to do these repairs, and there is a way to figure out how to complete these repairs with ease. People can find repair manuals for every car that was ever produced online, and these manuals will point people in the right direction as they purchase their parts. Buying the parts from a place like helps to make the repairs that much more simple.

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Cars and Driving: Top-Secret Intel About The 2015 Ford Mustang Cobra

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Rumors have been furiously circulating about the design of the new 2015 Ford Mustang and if it even exists. Mustang lovers have every right to be curious about these rumors and to be frustrated at the lack of information available, but a breakthrough in the rumors has finally been achieved. Although Ford will not acknowledge to the public that the new 2015 Ford Mustang design even exists, a prototype of the vehicle has in fact been spotted and photographed by spy shooters. Every other mule that has been spotted to-date has simply been a slightly modified version of the current S197 vehicle.

Although Ford continues to keep its lips sealed about the new design, some juicy information has still managed to leak out to the public about this exciting new vehicle design, including some detailed bits of information about engine power, release date, and even the possibility of a new name.

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Cars and Driving: Tips For Driving Safely On The Road With Cyclists

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Speeding alongside cars, now more than ever, are cyclists lining the road despite the dangers they face. Drivers are quick to claim that riders are careless road hogs who don’t care for safety, but that’s often untrue. It’s a common accordance that cyclist hate from motorists abounds, but there are a few fundamental rules for drivers, too.

driving safely with cyclists

Don’t Assume

Much like driving with motorists, you can never assume that the other person knows not to pull or veer out in front of you, or that they are going to obey the road rules – so be aware. Treat cyclists much like you would a car or a motorcycle. If a cyclist looks as if they’re going to keep going, even though you know you have the right of way to take that turn on red and that cyclist is going straight, you should pause, because if they intend to speed through, the infraction is going to reflect on both of you. You could sustain serious damage to your car and that cyclist will probably take quite an injury and damage their bike. Continue reading

Cars and Driving: Why Load Your Car with Police Scanners

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Remember the movie ‘The Incredibles’? Frozone and Mr.Incredible made it a hobby to listen to police scanners after they had to keep their Superhero deeds secret. Although this may sound weird for some, listening to police scanners isn’t just for superhero-wannabes and vigilantes – it is actually a very good hobby for people who want to increase their social awareness.

Who Uses Police Scanners and Why

In the real world, police scanners are mainly used by police officers, firefighters, neighborhood watch groups, emergency disaster groups, public safety organizations, and news media organizations.

Other that that, police scanners are also used by ordinary law-abiding citizens who want increase their neighborhood crime awareness and become ‘in-the-know’ when there are dangerous police activities (such as high speed car chases, bomb threats, riots, neighborhood lockdowns, etc.), natural disasters & other major emergencies (floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.), and major accidents (ie. toxic chemical spills, natural gas explosions, power outages, etc.). Continue reading

Cars and Driving: Ideal Accessories to Make Your Car Kid-Friendly – Car Floor Mats

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You have just realized a long-cherished dream and a new and gleaming 2013 BMW X5 is now gracing your garage. You are happy and the kids are jumping for joy—they can’t wait to go off on a picnic or a fishing trip. But wait! Although you would love nothing more than to go on a long drive and enjoy a day of fun and frolic with the kids and the dog, you need to make sure that you are spared the hassles of cleaning up the car afterwards. After all, kids will be kids and you wouldn’t dream of asking them to romp a little less for fear of bringing in mud and dirt inside your car and sullying the floors! That is why, install BMW X5 floor mats inside your car; these are just the accessories you need to make your car kid- and pet-friendly.

Mat Choices

You can select one of the three kinds of floor mats available for the 2013 release of the BMW X5—the carpet floor mats, the front rubber floor mats, and the floor liners. Make sure that you only buy genuine BMW mats.

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