Health and Wellness : How to Get the Most Out of Probiotics for Healthy Digestion

If you watch the news or read magazines, you have probably noticed that healthy living is more than just eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising more. Supplements have become a mainstay in many people’s diets. Some take dozens of supplement pills a day for various reasons such as joint health, digestion and heart disease. Even if you’re not interested in taking more than a multivitamin every morning, one supplement you should take seriously is probiotics.

Healthy Digestion

Digestion problems are extremely common. With poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle comes constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and other digestion issues. A digestive tract lacking the right good bacteria cannot function properly. Adding a probiotic to your meal every evening will help move things along and prevent yeast and bad bacteria from multiplying.

Other Benefits

Probiotics aren’t just good for digestion. Supplement with probiotics for urinary tract health, allergy prevention, yeast infection treatment and prevention and improved immunity. Some more unusual but important benefits include cavity prevention, lowered blood pressure, normalized cholesterol and vitamin K1 production.


Choosing the right probiotic supplement is important. Cheap probiotics are tempting, but they are cheap for a reason. If the bacteria in the pill is dead, it is useless to you. To check if a probiotic pill contains true live active cultures, open up a capsule and mix the contents with milk. Leave it out for 8 to 10 hours. If the milk clumps up and curdles, the cultures are active. If it stays thin and nothing happens, look for a new probiotic.

Make sure the probiotic you choose contains a variety of bacteria strains for maximum benefit. Follow the directions closely. If the directions don’t say when to take the pills, take them at the end of a meal. If you don’t notice improvement after a week, consider taking an extra pill. Click here to find high quality probiotics.

Other Sources of Probiotics

If you’re not interested in taking more pills or you want to increase the amount of probiotics you consume each day, there are other sources of probiotics. Yogurt is an excellent source. Make sure it is a good quality yogurt. Sauerkraut contains lots of good bacteria, but homemade sauerkraut is best. The bacteria in store-bought cans is likely gone. Some other options include kefir, kombucha and homemade ginger ale.

Even if you hate swallowing pills, there are many tasty options that contain the healthy bacteria necessary for optimum digestion and overall health. Whether you choose to add a supplement, eat more yogurt or both, you will notice the difference in your body.

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