Like the iPad? You’ll Love the ExoPC Slate More

Postphone your ‘Reserve an iPad’ day til June or July and give the ExoPC Slate the chance to awe you. With it’s a multi-touch interface that allows you to surf the web, play flash games, watch TV, read books, download apps, transfer media files and more, this is definitely a netbook-tablet that you should wait for.

The ExoPC Slate was supposed to be released last March but the need to further enhance the specs prompted the developers to delay its release just a bit. When they finally place the product in the market, I’m sure you’ll definitely have second thoughts on buying an iPad.

Infodose thoughts: The ExoPC Slate excels when it comes to display size, flash compatibility, processor speed, and storage. These features give it edge over the Apple’s iPad’s lavish style and popularity.

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