Seven Things You Should Know About the New iPhone 4G

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The “purported”  Apple iPhone 4G – which is yet to be released – fell into the hands of Gizmodo (though Engadget also has photos of it ) – and so, all this buzz about the new gadget has enveloped the World Wide Web much faster than the Iceland volcano ash cloud will reach North America. Joining in the fun, InfoDose has taken note of some of its new features you may be interested in.

  1. It has two cameras – the regular camera at the back (with lens larger than that of the iPhone 3GS) and a front-facing camera for video chat. It also has a camera flash.
  2. It uses Micro-SIM like the iPad.
  3. Its buttons are metallic (power, mute, and volume control) and it has split buttons for volume.
  4. The back is flat and made of ceramic shiny plastic and it has an aluminum border for phone outline.
  5. It uses the new OS 4.0. This means that it has several new features like multitasking, folders, unified email access, iBooks, and more.
  6. It measures 4.50 by 2.31 by 0.37 inches and weighs 140 grams (so it is a bit heavier than the 3GS).
  7. The battery is 5.25 WHr at 3.7V while the 3GS battery is only 4.51 WHr at 3.7V. The components of the phone have been shrunk so as to accommodate the new bigger battery.


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