Green Pick: Recyclable Cars like Ford

About 10 million vehicles are ditched every year – not worldwide, but in the United States alone. So I firmly suggest that if you want to buy a car, don’t just look on its style, speed, price, insurance quote, and stability. Step into the green side and do Mother Earth a big favor – look into the car’s recyclability (If only I had the money to buy one, I will too).

To narrow down your choices, you can start looking at Ford. I’m not saying that only Ford offers recyclable cars. It’s just that I came across a news story noting that their announcement that 85 percent of each Ford vehicle made now is totally recyclable.

All of you are probably aware that most car parts are really recycled and reused for decades now. However, Ford Motors claimed that apart from the typical recyclable car parts, they have been using sustainable raw materials or recycled materials for car components. These include (a) splash shields and engine covers made from post-consumer recycled plastics, (b) seat cushions, seatbacks, and headrests made from soy and biomass-based foam, (c) seat fabrics made from recycled yarn, and (d) storage bins are made from wheat straw-reinforced plastic.

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